Mission Endowment

Trinity Mission Endowment

Embracing God’s people beyond our congregation, in response to the needs of Christ’s church and the world around us.

Through gifts from this endowment, Trinity shares in ministries such as:

  • Assisting new ELCA mission starts
  • Supporting seminarians from our congregation 
  • Providing for global medical mission, primarily in Tanzania 
  • Sustaining the work of Lutheran Campus Ministry and Good Earth Village camp, nurturing faith in youth and young adults.

Vision to see …
Faith to trust …
Mission to serve … 
God’s future Trinity Lutheran Church, Spring Grove, Minnesota has a rich history and a vibrant present. We look to the future with hope and confidence, trusting that God will continue to sustain us in the mission and ministry of the good news of Christ. 
Our forebears at Trinity were generous and faithful stewards of God’s gifts to them, and we are the recipients of their vision, faith and mission. 
We wish to be generous and faithful stewards in our day, too. 
Trinity is fortunate to have three endowment funds to help us put our stewardship in motion. Among the three funds, we respond to a variety of needs both local and global.