Ministry Teams

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Trinity Lutheran has Ministry Teams to help us achieve the work that God has called us to do.

Our Teams -- Care Ministry, Education, Mission in the World, Outreach, Support (consisting of Communications, Finance, Property, Staffing, Stewardship), and Worship.

Our Teams goals:
Care Ministry:  Listen, respond, care, serve, and pray for others.

Education:  Develop life-long faith formation and Christian discipleship so that people are equipped and
supported to share the Good News in Word and deed.

 Mission in the World:  Spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by supporting local, national and international

Outreach:  Develop faith-forming relationships within our homes, congregation and community.

Support:  Support Trinity’s varied ministries that build the body of Christ by caring for
staff, communicating with the congregation and the public, maintaining properties and equipment,
fostering stewardship and budgeting for mission.

Worship:  Praise God through vibrant cross-generational worship in our homes, congregation and
community, thereby shaping daily life in the grace, mercy, and peace of God in Christ.

Transition Team Survey results

Concerns were voiced by some congregation members that, given the size of our congregation, the council is not a good representation of the congregation. A survey of the congregation was conducted in December asking them, "How many council members do we presently need?" The results of the completed surveys are shown in the document that can be found here.