Empty Bowls 2019

empty bowls.png

What is Empty Bowls?
 The concept of Empty Bowls was founded by an art teacher in Michigan and another partner in 1990-91. They joined together to raise charitable funds for their community. The idea was to organize a charitable event to give artists and art students a way to make a personal difference. In the original event, students made bowls which were used as individual serving pieces for a fund-raising meal of soup and bread. Contributing guests kept the empty bowl. The concept has developed into “Empty Bowls.” Trinity’s Outreach Team and other volunteers have been hosting an Empty Bowls Meal for several years; we believe this will be our 6th year. This year we have been able to add in the opportunity to purchase a handmade pottery bowl, such as what the original concept promoted. The bowls are made by a potter and secured for this event.  

Trinity’s Empty Bowls event is Sunday, January 20 beginning at 10:30 and will go until 12:30. 

All the food items for this event are donated, from the homemade soups, to the fresh baked breads and muffins. This means 100% of the money gathered at the serving of the meal will go directly to the Houston County Food Shelf and the ELCA World Hunger Fund.  

Donations are welcome from anyone who is interested in participating. If you’d like to make food or help in some way, please contact Mary Zaffke, 498-5823 or Karen Fried, 498-5611. 

Hunger and issues related to hunger are alive and well in our communities. The face of hunger might look different in someone from Spring Grove as opposed to that of someone from Central Africa, but it is still something in our country. It is important for us to know that our neighbors are affected and what we do can make a difference. The Empty Bowls Event is just one way that we can spend some time and raise our awareness and do some good, all the while being fed delicious, tasty soups and breads