Adult Forum: Understanding Islam

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The first session today on Islam will be focused on defining some terms, articles, and basic history of the Islamic faith. We will do so in an attempt at unpacking some terms, developing a familiarity where one might not exist in an effort to overcome simplistic, monolithic media portrayed versions of this interesting, diverse religion. Questions to bring to the forum: what is/are your first perceptions, apprehensions of Islam? Why? We can hopefully attempt to answer these questions, and grow in our awareness.

This class is taught by Mark Schroeder who Mark Schroeder holds a Masters Degree from Luther Seminary in Islamic Studies which he studied under the tutelage of Dr. Roland Miller, Dr. Mark Swanson, and Dr. Charles Amjad-Ali. Mark wrote his Masters Thesis on the prose and poetry writing of Sir Muhammad Iqbal, an early 20th century Indian Muslim philosopher and political thinker who sought to modernize Islam and end colonialism, desiring political self-determination for India's Muslims, and India as a whole.

These sessions will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Nov. 19, 26, and Dec. 3.