Church Directory

We are proceeding to assemble a new church directory for 2016, and are ready to take the initial steps in gathering these photos. This step requires your input so we have established guidelines to assist you. Unlike previous directories, this is not a formal family portrait experience; this is an informal photo collection of our congregational family. 

Digital Photos
a)  Picture should include just the family living in your home, not your extended family.
b)  Picture of you or your family in a vertical, not horizontal, shot.
c)  Size submitted should not exceed 300 dpi
d)  Send photos to:

 Photo Prints
a)  Picture should be 3" x 5" or 4" x 6"
b)  Mail to: Trinity Lutheran Church, 203 East Main St, Spring Grove, MN 55974
c)   Pictures will not be returned.
d)  Copies of these pictures will not be as crisp as digitally submitted pictures

 All photos due by May 31, 2016.

 If you need someone to take your picture, we will offer that after Sunday worship on May 15, 22, and 29.  We will allow 45 minutes each Sunday.  Please notify the church office if you are not able to attend one of these sessions.

In the coming months, we will be making appointments to take photos at the Manor, Assisted Living, Tweeten Healthcare, and Tweeten Apartments.

 There will be no charge for the digital directories and the cost for printed directories will be determined later. There is no obligation to purchase printed directories.

 For further information or questions, contact Deb Spence (498-5053), Jean Ellingson (498-5114) or Bill Fried (498-5611)