Rotational Sunday School needs...

•    Teachers for 4-week rotations. Gifts needed are for movie discussions, art, story-telling, drama, cooking, games and more. All we need is 4 Sundays of your time for one rotation (or more if you like)!
•    Shepherds tend, feed, and guard the flock.  Shepherds work with a class of youth for the entire year, or share a position with another person.  The shepherd does not teach the class but helps with the projects, discipline with the help of others when needed, and a love for our children. We need shepherds for pre-K and K-6 classes. 
•    Grades 9–12 youth who can be assistants.

If you have questions, or are ready to help in any of these areas, call the church office (498-5291).  We’re eager to help you share your gifts!